Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Denmark: Roskilde Harbor

Roskilde is a quaint small town (what Danish town isn't?), located 35 minutes West of Copenhagen. Its harbour is a natural part of it, marking the south end of Roskilde Fjord.
Like in all other Nordic countries, sailing is a favorite pastime. There are plenty of activities at the marina and the adjacent harbor museum and it is the ideal starting point for sightseeing in the area. The place can be accessed by car and, obviously, by bicycle. 
The harbor provides the following facilities: Diesel supply, slip-way, crane, rigging-sheers, BBQ area, playground, toilet and shower. From time to time, local or visiting artists present impromptu theater or music performances for the tourists visiting the place. 
Besides the commercial and private boats anchored here, the main attraction is represented by the Viking Ship Museum (http://www.vikingeskibsmuseet.dk/en/). Here you can see remains of 5 Viking ships from the 11th century, which are continuously refurbished and displayed on site, sail like a Viking out on the fjord, dress as a Viking and swing their heavy swords, follow the construction of a Viking ship and try your hand at this craftsmanship, visit the impressive boat collection.
In December, the site hosts the Roskilde Christmas market, where local traders offer seasonal knitwear, decorations, gifts, or tasty snacks. 

Address: Strandgade 2, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark. Phone: 46351000; Website: www.roskildehavn.dk/; Email: havn@roskildehavn.dk

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