Tuesday, August 14, 2012

10 Reasons Pro-Dining-Out-in-France

1. They call this a bistro, not a shack, because they know how to do it and they do it well.

2. Any place is suitable for a bistro; even the middle of the street can be romantic.
3. Even when the weather is bad, you'll find people enjoying dining out, especially because Paris is more beautiful when it rains. 

4. Putting together apparently incompatible ingredients makes the dining experience memorable. Eat and learn!
5. When a bistro looks like this, just like grandma's cottage, there's no way you'll leave soon. Chances are you'll never go home.

6. Even a dish that small is surprisingly filling.

7. With a setting like that, any girl would say yes. Ten times yes.

8. You'll get to order all sorts of bread and cheese, but it will not impede on next day's experience at the farmer's market. Or viceversa.

9.  You could sit here all day long with a good book, a cup of coffee, and a plate of steamy croissants. I would!
10. Go ahead and splurge. Your waist won't be sorry.

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