Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Going to California: Encinitas

Encinitas is a little funky coastal town located in South California, 40 kilometers North of San Diego and 150 kilometers South of Los Angeles. Like most coastal towns in California, this place has a balmy climate and is a magnet for surfers.


Indeed, the coast of the Pacific here is wonderful, and the outstanding beach offers fantastic views to cliffs, flat-topped coastal areas, steep mesa bluffs, and rolling hills. The best spot for terrific panoramic pictures is the D-street view point:

There are many beautiful stretches of beach, but the most popular is Moonlight Beach, at the West end of the Encinitas Blvd. You can reach it walking North from the D-Street Viewpoint. It offers volleyball courts, bathroom and showers, lifeguard service, parking, surfing and swimming designated areas, fire pits, snack bars that sell hamburgers and ice cream, and wonderfully fine sand:

The neighborhood has a really cozy feel and is well maintained, with houses and bars that preserve the Mexican feel:

Most bars, restaurants and businesses are located along D Street. The little community offers a wide range of restaurants and boasts wonderful flower shops, in which you'll find the most beautiful poinsettias in the world, as well as a golf course - Encinitas Ranch Golf Course and the impressive San Diego Botanical Garden.

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