Friday, April 13, 2012

Wish List #1: Malta

Valletta Harbor (c) Eje Gustaffson. Source: Flickr.
The Wish List section of the blog contains archives of useful travel resources for various destinations around the world. Today, travel resources on Malta, the island-republic in the Mediterranean.

As we are going to be back to Europe soon for the summer holiday, I obviously started to think about the best holiday we could have in the area. Malta was an unexpected surprise which came from Drungli: very cheap flights from Bari, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Marseille, or London. Which means we'll have to go to Italy, France, or England first and then head for Malta. I won't mind for sure!

Blue Lagoon on Comino Island (c) Ramon Baile. Flickr.
It was never very clear to me where Malta exactly Malta was in the first place, so I started to do my research. First: pictures for your viewing pleasure. Then, all kinds of other useful resources for planning the trip.

Cheap flights to Malta
Valletta - the capital
St. Julians
Interactive maps
Gozo and Comino Islands
Comino Island
Gozo Island
Ferry services
Tripadvisor Reviews on Malta

The actual travelogue is scheduled for July 2012. 

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