Monday, August 1, 2011

The Sushi Bar

Craving sushi? We were today! So we popped in at The Sushi Bar at 2 Le Than Ton St., one of their five locations in Saigon. The place looks good and inviting. It's very clean, nicely decorated and air-conditioned. There is a kitchen station in the middle (the sushi bar, in fact), where you can see how food is prepared.

Service is fast and attentive. When you arrive, all the waiters scream welcome.  They often check the order slip at the table, to make sure they didn't forget anything. Patrons are served complimentary green tea and small appetizers.

The food is fresh and it literally melts in your mouth. Being our first time there, we ordered 5 kinds of sushi rolls: avocado, cucumbers, fermented soy beans, plum and perilla, and pickled vegetables, as well as a helping of pickled eggplants, but stuck to Tiger beer . We'll go there next time for a fish and seafood feast. I am sure it's not the greatest Japanese restaurant in town, but it's really inexpensive, especially compared to sushi places in Europe or the US, and the quality is good. We paid 19 dollars for a glass of wine, 4 beers, and 6 dishes. What a treat!

The prices displayed on the menu or on their website ( do not include VAT. Major credit cards accepted. Food delivery available.


  1. foarte tareeee !!! sa va fie de bine sii sa va mai duceti !

  2. I go to this sushi place often. Good & fresh food. Service is ok. Sitting in sushi bar or ground floor is preferable for faster service. My favorite menu is the grilled fish, a long one. Can't recall its name. Their green tea is good as it has more flavor.