Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who Cures and Cares about Your Pet in Saigon?

(c) Cheryl Traiger; Burt Cureton.

Hera is the loveliest and the most-behaved dog I have ever seen. She even loves clams and cucumbers! But it seems Vietnamese food played a trick on her today. However, the vet at Saigon Pet came to the rescue. Here is a message from Cheryl and Burt, Hera's parents:

"We were about to feed Hera her dinner when she threw up and pooped on the stairs, then just collapsed and wouldn't/couldn't move. I had investigated vets before we moved here, so had the number of Saigon Pet Clinic handy. Many people had written nice things about the vet there - Nguyễn Văn Nghĩa DVM, PhD. I called the cell phone number listed on the site, the vet answered and said he would meet us at the clinic in 15 minutes. We became especially worried when we took out her travel bag and she didn't move - we had to put her in it. We jumped in a cab, and when we got to the clinic the vet and 2 assistants were already there. They ran out to meet the cab, grabbed Hera in her bag and took her right away to be examined. Based on his exam, he did blood work and started her on an IV, saying she was hypoglycemic. After a short time, she looked much better and he left the IV in her, gave her a shot and we had a chance to chat. He gave us lots of good advice on things we should be careful of in Vietnam and the specific potential health problems faced by dogs here. He studied in the UK, his English is amazing and the love he and his staff have for animals couldn't be more obvious. We are so grateful to have found him. Hera's a bit traumatized by the whole experience, but she was jumping around to get in her bag by the time we left."

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