Thursday, September 6, 2012

Prague in 6 Hours (Part 1)

Me on Charles Bridge, one of the highlights of the day.
Hello from Prague, my friends! We had 10 hours to kill on our way to Paris, so we strolled around  this amazing city for 6. I didn't think it was possible to see a lot in such a short time, but the friendly layout of the place helped us a lot. So, what did we do in Prague?
The main Hall of the Central Station - Hlavni Nadrazi.
7 a.m.: We took the Airport Express Shuttle and went downtown. The AE gets to the Central Station (Hlavni Nadrazi) in 35 minutes. This is the biggest and busiest railway station in the city, and a historical monument at the same time - an Art Nouveau structure which is currently refurbished. The station is 5 minutes away from Wenceslas Square and 15 minutes from the Old Town.
National Museum, Prague
7:35 a.m. - the first thing you see on your way to Wenceslas Square is the National Museum. We didn't have time to visit any museums, but surely admired this one impressive building.
Wenceslas Square, Prague.
7:40 a.m.: Wenceslas Square is a vibrant area where you become familiar with the Prague people: how they speak, how they dress, how they busy they are. It's an area packed with restaurants, hotels, shops, and financial institutions, so that it's always buzzing with people. It wasn't that vibrant before 8 am though, but the situation was completely different when we left for the airport in the afternoon.
7:40 - 8:00 a.m.: No matter what streets you take on your way to the Old Town Square, there will always be something pretty (or beautiful for that matter) to see: an impressive tower, an old church, a quaint garden, a picturesque facade, etc. Prague has a little suprise for everybody around every corner.
Opera Building, Main Hall, Prague
8:00 a.m.: Coming from South-East and heading to Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square) you will come across the Opera House (the main building) - built in 1911 on the site of the former Royal Court Palace. This is the premier Art Nouveau building in Prague. Besides the main concert halls, there are an elegant French restaurant, a Czech beer hall style restaurant, the first American bar in the Czech Republic and several music salons.
  About the rest of the places we saw in Prague, in Part 2 and Part 3.
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