Sunday, August 12, 2012

Food Mood: Macarons. Colored Macarons.

Fragile and precious, colorful and temperamental, macarons have been lately the queens of cookies. Had you asked me about them three months ago, I would have told you I would refuse to touch them, as I hate glitzy
and bratty concepts. I hated the fact that everybody was speaking about them, was paying huge amounts of money for them, and could not ignore them whenever they wanted to throw a sophisticated party. What the hell! 

Now, while being on a diet, I hate myself for not being able to stop thinking about them. Three months ago I stumbled upon some very cheap macarons at a local pastry shop in Saigon - and they were the real thing. I gulped one pack in half an hour and started to seriously reconsider my attitude. Were they good and fattening, precious and delicate? Yes. 

As I often make use of my kitchen, this would be my first project after I finish my diet. And although I will be in Paris at that time, I will still use my very expensive teeny-tiny kitchen to try to knock out my first batch. Until then, this is a list of guys who know what they are doing: David Lebovitz - Making Macarons: Instructions and Recipes; Jonna L. Warnke - Macaron Madness; French Macaron Recipe.

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