Friday, June 17, 2011

Granville - The Village That Misses Me

There is a place in this world that I really love. It's Granville - a quaint little college town in Ohio, US, some 30 miles East of Columbus. Home of Denison University, of wonderful poet and friend David Baker, his daughter Katie, and their beautiful tomcat Felix, of professor and poet Ann Townsend and her adorable Pepper-the dog, cats, koi pond, and Bittersweet farm. My home for 4 days in November 2010, when I promised we would come back one day, buy a house, make zacusca for the farmers market, and raise our kids.

Granville Inn

Buxton Inn

Market Street

Denison University campus

The official website of the village of Granville -

PS: The title of this post quotes poet David Baker.Thank you, David.