Thursday, September 20, 2012

Paris Bits: Pont des Arts

It seems I've been growing fond of bridges lately. Especially pedestrian ones. After Charles Bridge in Prague, now it's Pont des Arts in Paris, crossing the Seine River and linking Institut de France and Palais du Louvre square.

The day we crossed it and had a picnic there, no art exhibition was around. But there was a sax player, lots of photographers, and numerous weddings. It is not only a bridge of the arts, but also a lovers' bridge, as thousands of love padlocks are hung to its metallic wires. There must be a carpet of keys of all sizes on the bottom of the Seine. 

Pont des Arts offers stunning views to Ile de la Cite and Pont Neuf (to the East):

and to Pont du Carousel (to the West):

With some cheese, baguette, and red wine, one can turn Pont des Arts into a wonderful place for a picnic, just like many Parisians do every summer. Just make sure you keep your bottle in your bag, so that the patrols won't see it. They will tell you so themselves very politely and they won't disturb your fun.   
Picnic on Pont des Arts (c) magnetisch via Flickr.